What Can I Do With EmailTools Enterprise Membership?

The EmailTools Enterprise membership allows proprietary rights to email components created using our software and is intended for use as an email marketing management tool. 

As an email marketing management tool, we offer the ability to create and curate email timers, images, videos and surveys as a service to clients. This membership upgrade allows you to utilize the components you create in your client's marketing emails. Accordingly, you would oversee & handle all components on behalf of those clients.

Depending on the type of agreement signed with your client, components may be placed within email messages as frequently as desired. Since we don't limit you on the price you charge clients, this service is available as a completely customizable business.

Please Note EmailTools is not a multi-user account system, and not intended for use as a white label product. Since our system is not currently designed to allow multiple sets of login credentials for the same account, clients are not able to access EmailTools unless you elect to share your personal credentials. 

To protect EmailTools members who invest in this upgrade, if a high level of activity is detected within non-enterprise accounts, our system will flag the account for further investigation and potentially lock the account per our terms of service.

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